Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control by J.R. Wertz

Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control

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Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control J.R. Wertz ebook
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Publisher: Springer
Page: 882
ISBN: 9027709599, 9789027709592

This approach can be used to determine the vehicle attitude as well as the location in space if multiple receivers are located precisely on the spacecraft and their relative positions are differentiated (15). The Attitude Determination and Control unit uses a variety of sensor readings to orient the satellite in space to conduct the spectroscopy experiment. Both translational and rotational commands to the spacecraft attitude control rockets are required and would be generated by the guidance function of the GN&C system. The tracking part of the subsystem determines the position of the spacecraft and follows its travel using angle, range and velocity information. The telemetry part gathers information on the health of various It also provides attitude control, which is essential to prevent the satellite from tumbling in space and also to ensure that the antennae remain pointed at a fixed point on the Earth's surface. Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control Ebook By J.R. The team began anomaly response procedures on July 19, 2012, by removing an unresponsive reaction wheel from the spacecraft's attitude control processes, down linked diagnostic data and returned to normal science data collection. A well explained attitude determination and control system is provided. Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control (Astrophysics and Space Science Library) [J.R. Your first resource for unusual, hard-to-find, out-of-print, and historic information about rockets, missiles, propulsion, space. A spacecraft system comprises various subsystems, dependent upon mission profile. 3- Axis Stabilization, Spin Stabilization, Magnetic Stabilization and Gravity gradient stabilization techniques are used in spacecraft attitude control. Further analysis will determine what additional actions are needed to mitigate against a similar anomaly on the spacecraft's remaining reaction wheels. Attitude Determination and Control team members (from left) Brady Russell, Lee Clement, and Joshua Hernandez verify control algorithms for the spacecraft using their custom Matlab simulator. The guidance algorithm must be carefully scripted so that .

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